Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Table of Contents

As you know if you’ve read my earlier posts, my idea for this blog is a sort of soup to nuts description of the process of writing my new book Candy from Strangers, placing it with a publisher and bringing it to market.

Since the postings are roughly following that lifecycle (i.e., I'm talking first about the writing process, moving to getting an agent and then to getting a publisher, and so on), I'm finding the reverse chronological order in which the blog shows the postings to be a little confusing and not conducive to reading them in sequence—or to easily locating a topic of interest and reading only about it.

The obvious solution to that problem is to provide a master table of contents for the blog. I'm doing it on a special page of my wiki since Blogger doesn't provide a facility for this (say, Mr. Blogger Product Manager, there's an idea for a differentiating feature) and the wiki provides a relatively pain free mechanism for maintaining it.

There’s also a pointer to the TOC in the Links section to the right for easy future reference.


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