Monday, March 06, 2006

Jacket Text Revisited

I mentioned in my last post I was looking forward to seeing a draft copy of Bleak House Book's reprint of my novel The Immortal Game, and lo and behold, it appeared in my in-box the next day.

Here's a reduced version of the full cover:

Turns out I have to eat some of my words regarding the jacket text. Alison Janssen, my editor at Bleak House, did decide to use a modified version of my suggestion about juxtaposing the stereotypical image people have of San Francisco from the old Rice-a-Roni ads with the grittier version of the city described in the book.

Here's the final version of the book's description, which appears just below the Chronicle quote on the back cover:

When the world's most innovative computer chess software is stolen, wisecracking, jazz bass-playing PI August Riordan is hired to find it.

Sifting through a San Francisco peopled with bruising, ex-NFL henchmen, transvestite techno geeks, and alluring, drug-addicted dominatrices, Riordan has got his work cut out for him...surely a computer game can't be that hard to find?

But with a smart-ass attitude like Riordan's, nothing is easy...

A darkly comic sojourn through a town unrecognizable from the Tony Bennett song and the Rice-a-Roni ads, The Immortal Game is a Shamus and Barry award nominee and a San Francisco Chronicle best book of the year

I'm very happy with the whole package, including the cover and the interior design.

In addition to Alison, thanks are due to Bleak House's designer: Peter Streicher of shu shu designs and Mark Citret, a wonderful photographer and friend who risked his camera lens taking the author photo.

I'll switch back to posting about the process of writing and bringing Candy from Strangers to market soon, but look for one more post on The Immortal Game when I write about designing and placing an ad for the book.


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