Friday, May 19, 2006

BookExpo America and The Juiceman's Power of Juicing

Well, I'm at BookExpo America in Washington, D.C. and although I'd been warned that the scale of the show was daunting, I still wasn't prepared for the immense size of the thing. Here's a picture of the main conference floor from the balcony. Even with this shot, you're only getting about an eighth of the floor because my little point and shoot just doesn't have a wide enough lens.

My first stop was the Sisters in Crime booth where I was doing a signing at 1 pm. I'm the current Vice President of the Northern California chapter of SinC, and president Marcia Talley and Vice President Donna Andrews of the Chesapeake Chapter were wonderful hosts of the organization's booth at BEA this year.

While the conversation my fellow "sisters" and the people stopping by the booth was great fun, the highlight had to be the opportunity to watch this gentleman in the booth across from us:

Yes, that's best selling author Jay Kordich, aka "The Juiceman" whose titles include The Juiceman's Power of juicing, which currently has a sales ranking of under 23,000 on Amazon. Now some of your skeptics will say his ideas are quackery, and even his own marketing material references his astounding eyebrows, but to watch the guy in action pitching his product and grinding up fruit is truly a lesson in book promotion. Come to BEA and get juiced, indeed!

My next stop was the Mystery Writers of America booth. Denise Hamilton was signing before me:

BEA signings are a little funny because the books are being given away free, ideally to bookstore and library buyers who will purchase more for their stores and libraries, but it's still quite a challenge--for certain authors like yours truly at least--to unload the merchandise in the time allotted.

This time I brought professional help:

My wife Linda served as a barker, reeling in unsuspecting passersby to accept an autographed copy of Vulture Capital and a flyer or two.

I also had the opportunity to (finally) meet MWA Office Manager Margery Flax, writer Maria Lima and get reacquainted with Chris Aldrich of Mystery News.

The final stop for today was a visit to my publisher's booth. There'll be much more Bleak House Books doings in tomorrow's post I'm sure, but for now I'll leave you with a shot of my publisher Ben LeRoy against a backdrop of some of Bleak House's great titles.

He doesn't always look so serious, I can assure you.

Stay tuned for more!


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