Thursday, August 17, 2006

Candy Cover, Round II

In my last post I shared the first round of concept covers that Bleak House books provided for my forthcoming novel, Candy from Strangers. This time around I'm going to post the feedback I sent in response.

I e-mailed Ben LeRoy--Bleak House publisher and current nominee in the men's division of GalleyCat's Hotties in Publishing contest--and thanked him for letting me review and give feedback on the concepts. Then I threw in my two cents:
My favorite is number 5 (the girl's legs in isloation). It's eye-catching, suggestive of fetishes and the $ for the S adds a nice reference to Monica's commercial motivations. I would definitely add a tattoo on the girl's ankle to tie in that theme and I'd like to find a different tag line than "A touching mystery." It's clever, but in the end, there really isn't much touching that goes on in the book. Maybe "By the Author of THE IMMORTAL GAME" is more approriate and more likely to motivate the fan base I do have to purchase the book.

I do like some of the elements from the others, especially the computer cursor, but I'm concerned that 1-4 suggest lesbian S&M, which really isn't a theme in the book and might be too over the top.

Number 6 just struck me as too abstract and not very exciting, and number 7 wasn't particularly attractive and didn't seem to have anything to do with the book (but I might have missed the connection).

Some other themes that might be worth exploring include tattoos (as I mentioned), angels and she-devils, cemetery monuments and candy (if not done in too heavy-handed a way.)

Just for grins, I've attached a few jpgs to get the juices flowing on other possibilities:

I took this photo tonight with a digital camera (w/ my wife and I as models) just to get the idea across. If we did it for real, I think we'd want to shoot in a grungy alley and put a tattoo on the forearm of the guy holding out the candy.

This is a photo of mine of a cemetery monument that ties well into the "goth angel" theme. Another way to use the monument would be to do a close-up of the angel's face with a hand over her mouth like she was being kidnapped. The hand could have a tattoo between the thumb in forefinger.

Another photo of mine of a creepy display of dolls.
So ends my feedback. Next up: a new concept cover from Bleak House.


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