Saturday, October 28, 2006

Men of Mystery

As part of our Stonewall Jackson's Elbow / Candy from Strangers tour, John Billheimer and I attended MWA Raven winner Joan Hansen's great conference, Men of Mystery. The headliners were Jeffery Deaver:

And Martin Cruz Smith:

Mr. Smith told an interesting story about how his novel Gorky Park was held hostage by a New York editor who did not like the idea of a Russian detective solving crimes, and wanted Smith to return to his original proposal of a Irish cop from New York who goes to Russia to help the Soviet police. In a form of crude intimidation, the editor took off his shoes and socks during the meeting held in the publisher's office to discuss the book and proceeded to clip his toenails!

Smith eventually got the rights back to Gorky Park and sold it in the form he wanted to another publisher--but it took six years!


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