Monday, October 16, 2006

Search for Sam Spade

I was looking through the stats for my web site this morning, checking out the search terms that people used to get to the site when I came to this page in the display:

Terms number 13 and 14 make sense because I've got a lot of material about Chandler up on the site. Number 11 is also understandable (but embarrassing perhaps) because I scanned an old report card of mine from 3rd grade and posted it, but 12 was a mystery.

I wasn't even aware it was possible to search an English site by entering Chinese characters, but apparently some of the search engine sites in China must have translated English sites they've crawled and enabled Chinese searches.

But here's the punch line: I called my wife (who is Chinese) into the room and asked her to translate the search term. She looked at it for a while, pronounced the characters out loud and then said, "Sam Spade." Apparently that is the (phonetic) representation of his name in Chinese.

How about that?


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