Saturday, October 21, 2006

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

John Billheimer and I did a signing at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop as part of our joint Stonewall Jackson's Elbow / Candy from Strangers tour.

Here's John in front of the store. Check out the books he's got in the shopping bag and his briefcase. We were joking that John bought more books than we managed to sell during our visit.

And here we are posed with store owner JB Dickey.

You can make out the tops of John's and my book as well as a signed copy of fellow Bleak House Books/Intrigue Press author Steve Brewer. The poster in front of us is one I made (six years ago) to help publicize the first edition of The Immortal Game, and is the same image that I "sampled" at the top of the blog. JB keeps it on display in the store and said he periodically gets offers to buy it. A good author friend of mine also told me--after having a few drinks--that he thought the poster was better than my books. Maybe I better switch careers!

Everyone at the store was very friendly, and JB was a wonderful host. They've moved into a larger space that is more visible from the street and that seems to have helped to increase business. John and I are looking forward to coming back during Left Coast Crime, which is being hosted this year on February 1-4 in Seattle.


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