Monday, January 15, 2007

Toronto Mystery and Horror with the Colonel

During a business trip to Tornoto over the weekend, I took the opportunity to do a "drive by" signing at the wonderful Sleuth of Baker Street bookstore. I had a great time chatting with Marian and Wendy at the store and ended buying copies of Immoral by Brian Freeman, Death without Comapny by Craig Johnson and Kockroach by Tyler Knox for my own reading. Only bad thing was I made the mistake of walking (the approximately 5 miles) from downtown and just about frooze my a** off. Turns out a quick subway/bus ride would have gotten me there without the frostbite.

The night before I had dinner in a fancy restaurant whose decorations included miniature statues of Colonel Sanders. Using my (lousy) cell phone camera and a candle from the table, I produced this picture:

It's too bad the Colonel is the namesake of a fast food chain because I think he'd make an excellent slasher movie villian.


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