Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday at LCC

I'm having some fun times at Left Coast Crime, with the possible exception of the in-room experience at my chosen hotel (not the conference hotel). I am about four doors down from the elevator, which I assumed would be amble buffer, but I was treated to a sound similar to a dentist drill starting up for the entire night as the cars shuttled up and down the floors. (And the fact that I'm on a floor with a bunch of partying authors who decided to stay out late and had the gall to use the elevator to get back to their rooms didn't help!)

Let us put those fractious comments aside and focus on the positive. I went to the panel to commemorate writer Dennis Lynds and ran into the wonderful folks responsible for that most excellent of e-zines, January Magazine: Editor Linda Richards and Senior Editor in charge of crime fiction and The Rap Sheet blog, J. Kingston Pierce. Jeff and Linda live in Seattle and Jeff had the role of interviewing Toastmaster Gary Phillips to kick off the conference on Friday. Jeff had expressed some concerns on his blog about the assignment, but by all reports, it went exceedingly well. (Unfortunately my flight arrived too late for me to catch the session.) It's not surprising that the event was a success since Jeff is the host of a local TV show based on his book, Eccentric Seattle.

Later in the afternoon I went to the dealer's room, where I caught up with Diane Kudish from San Francisco Mystery Bookstore. I think the SF Mystery Bookstore has single-handedly sold the most copies of my book The Immortal Game, in all its various editions (including the children's coloring book). I'd like to say it's because the book is so good, but the fact that Diane does such a great job of hand-selling it, and it has a scene set in Noe Valley where Diane's store is located, doesn't hurt.

After that I went to the signing room and chatted with my fellow Northern California Sisters in Crime member, Simon Wood. Simon is the current chapter president and is doing great things with the group. He's aided in these efforts by comparisons to a former scandal-ridden administration led by yours truly, which make it particularly easy to shine.


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