Friday, April 27, 2007

LA Times Festival of Books: Part II

More from The Mystery Bookstore pre-festival party ... did I mention cowboys? Here's Craig Johnson:

And an obvious dude ranch habitue who borrowed Craig's hat:

Along with Reed Farrel Coleman, who needs no hat:

And fellow New Yorker, Jason Starr:

And bridging the east-west divide, we have Jim Fusilli (yet another New Yorker) with Southern Californian Bill Bryan:

But, wait, there are more Californians. Gary Phillips:

And Ugly Town alum, Jim Pascoe:

And what about the women I promised in the last post? Always finish strong, that's my motto. (Too bad I don't follow it in my writing!) Here is Theresa Schwegel:

And Megan Abbott:

That's it for tonight. Look for some posts from the Festival proper tomorrow.


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