Sunday, April 29, 2007

LA Times Festival of Books: Part III, Ginger

Okay, we're picking up our coverage of the Festival with an author who is well known from an another entertainment sphere: Tina Louise, the "movie star" from Gilligan's Island.

Tina has written a children's book and she appeared on the "Story Telling" stage on Saturday to read it to a bunch of kids and more than a few adult men of a certain age (a certain age when one might have watched Gilligan's Island as a kid and, ahem, fantasied about her).

Tina volunteers in the New York public school system reading to children and that is how she got the idea to write a book for kids. Her book encourages children to think about what they want to be when they grow up by comparing particular animals and their unique abilities to future career choices. ("If an elephant can shake hands with his trunk, then you can grow up to be a politician.")

Here is Tina answering questions from the audience (Q: "Did you ever get off the island?" A: "I got off, but I now live on Manhattan, which is another island."):

Her she is asking how many kids want to be a scuba diver when they grow up:

Finally, a pic as she exits the stage to do her signing:

Turns out Tina has a daughter who is an author as well--Caprice Crane:

In fact, Tina told the audience that Caprice's book, Stupid and Contagious, had just won the Romantic Times Book Award for Best Mainstream and Chick Lit Book of 2006. Like mother like daughter ...


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Bill said...

I suspect that your photo of Tina's daughter was not sized down like the others. On my RSS feed, it was blown up to ginormous size.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Mark Coggins said...

Thanks, Bill. It was a link to her web site. Didn't want to copy it, but you're right: it was a pic about 1M, so I made a copy and shrunk it down.


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