Sunday, April 29, 2007

LA Times Festival of Books: Part IV, Women of Mystery

Now for some mysterious women from the Festival on Saturday.

First up, Twist Phelan at the Sisters in Crime booth:

Also at the booth, Cara Black and Hailey Lind:

Then Jan Burke at the Mysterious Galaxy booth:

Followed by the Clarks--Mary Higgins and Carole Higgins--at The Mystery Bookstore booth:

And Cornelia Reed, who signed in the same time slot as me:

And Laura Lippman, who was there before us:

And to bookend things nicely, we'll finish with Twist again and mysterious male Jason Starr who managed to sneak into the frame just before I pressed the shutter:

A pretty photogenic pair. I think this shot takes the prize for the best I snapped at the festival.


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