Thursday, November 08, 2007

Diebold's After Me

My new novel Runoff is a cautionary tale about a mayoral election in San Francisco where the security on e-voting machines is defeated to change the outcome of the race.

I always look at the domains of visitors on my web site, and since the book came out, one domain has been appearing consistently. On Monday:

More ominously--given the appearance of the Department of Justice just below--on Tuesday:

And on Wednesday:

Yes, it's Diebold, aka Premier Election Solutions, the same company that excised sections of their Wikipedia entry that were critical of the company's e-voting machines. You would have thought that lesson in IP address traceability would have made them a bit more savvy about covering their tracks.

There's no mention of Diebold in Runoff, so hopefully they'll relax a bit once they realize that.

However, there is one other domain I've been seeing consistently:

Yep, Random House, the uber publishing house. Guess they are checking the competition from me and my indie house, Bleak House Books. I don't know whether I should be flattered or scared.


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