Saturday, November 03, 2007

I love LA ...

I made a short trip down to Southern California to promote the release of my new novel Runoff. First stop was The Mystery Bookstore to sign with fellow Northern California authors Simon Wood and Tim Maleeny. Here's a shot of store manager Bobby McCue with Tim:

And here is Simon with Sue Ann Jaffarian, who came to support Simon and fellow Midnight Ink author Tim:

But after a little conversation, Sue Ann and I realized we share the same (great) agent: Whitney Lee.

Next stop was the Men of Mystery event in Irvine. The first of the keynote speakers was Tim Green:

Tim is a former NFL defensive end and he gave an inspirational talk about football, the importance of reading and how he has worked as hard to become a successful writer as he did to become a successful football player.

Vince Flynn was up next and his talk included some entertaining stories about meeting presidents Bush and Clinton, incorporating very credible imitations of both men. My favorite Bush antidote: when asked by George W. why Flynn's sick wife didn't make it to a dinner at the White House where she would be seated next to the president, Flynn responded that she didn't want to get him (the president) sick. Said George in his Texas accent, "That's quick thinking."

But the highlight of the conference for me was being seated at the same table as author Josh Conviser. The fact that we were seated together at all was a bit of a coincidence because, although we had never met before, we had both been taped to appear on Fran Halpern's radio program, Beyond Words, just the day before.

I had a wonderful time talking to Josh, especially when I found out that, in addition to having written two well-regarded "cyberpunk/espionage" thrillers (to quote Publishers Weekly), he was involved with Rome, one of my favorite TV series. Turns out he co-wrote the show's story bible--the document outlining the series' characters, shape and plot line--and did much of the initial research.

Here's a shot of him from the post-event party. If he looks a little dour, it's because he hates intrusive paparazzi ... no, just kidding. It's because this was supposed to be a test shot to get the exposure right before the money shot. Unfortunately, that one didn't come out.


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