Friday, August 08, 2008

Runoff Crime Map

Inspired by the Dell Mapbacks of 1940s and 50s--particularly those done for Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op stories--I worked with Bleak House Books to include a mapback on the dust jacket of the hardcover edition of my latest novel, Runoff. It showed a map of downtown San Francisco with the crime scenes from the novel plotted out.

Unfortunately, the hardcover edition is sold out, so I thought I'd freshen up the idea with an online version using Goggle's Map capability. The advantage of the online version is it's scrollable and I can include pop-ups with the scene-setting photos that start each chapter, along with a chapter excerpt referring to the location. There's also a tracing of the chase in the first chapter between PI August Riordan and the backhoe ATM thief he's after.

I've embedded the map here, but I suggest you click the link labeled "View Larger Map" and expand your browser window as wide as possible to take full advantage of the clickable map key that details all the locations.

View Larger Map


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