Monday, October 27, 2008

Mystery Readers Journal

The latest edition of The Mystery Readers Journal is out. The theme for this issue is San Francisco Mysteries, and golly, doesn't the photo on the cover look familiar?

Maybe a little like the one I took from the window of the Dashiell Hammett Suite in the Hotel Union Square?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Midnight in the Garden

My wife is reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and we are pondering the possibility of spending the holidays in Savannah, Georgia where the book is set.

All this has got me thinking. While I've yet to read Midnight, I've always admired the cover--and as a wannabe book designer--I started to think about what the cover to my next book might look like if Bleak House Books and I used it as inspiration.

The book is tentatively titled The Big Wake-Up. Right now I'm being very circumspect about the themes involved, but it's not giving too much away to mention that, oh, maybe one or two scenes take place in a cemetery.

Leveraging a cemetery photo of my own, here's where my ruminations on design took me:


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trespassing in the UK

The UK publication Trespass Magazine, which one reviewer describes as "a brave and cosmopolitan publication, which is not frightened of being controversial or light-heartedly funny," is out with a new edition on Noir.

The Trespass editors themselves describe the publication this way:
Trespass Magazine is a bimonthly arts and literary magazine brought to you by the publishers of The London Magazine (started by T.S. Elliot). This is a classy, beautifully designed magazine packed with the most dangerous and exciting poetry, art, short fiction and music. We also deal with complex issues of sexuality and have regular articles on alternative lifestyles and sexualities...

Our concept: "Without contraries (there) is no progression." -William Blake

Trespass Magazine exists to draw out the greys in the shades between any kind of contrast, between good and evil, the prostitute and the saint, beauty and despair, and re-imagining them in colour. Whether the content is sexual, puritanical or merely deals with the gap between good taste and good sense, we will enter into the forbidden and make the illicit our common ground. Innovators, iconoclasts and outcasts will find a platform here. The magazine is all about breaking the rules...or embracing them.
So what's my angle? Did I help them make things grayer or jump into the gap between good taste and good sense--perhaps by submitting a noirish short story? Er, no, actually.

If you squint real hard at the individuals credited in the Features listing, you'll see that I'm listed as an art contributor. They asked for a few noir-themed photographs and I was happy to provide them. Included is the full sized version of the "Riordan's Desk" photo I use as the blog masthead, the Spade and Archer photo I blogged about previously and this photo of Chinatown in San Francisco from the first chapter of Runoff:

Chapter 1

Plus a number of others. Check it out if you're UK bound!