Monday, January 05, 2009

The Big Wake-Up: Cover Two

In an earlier post, I noodled a bit on the design of the book jacket for my forthcoming novel, The Big Wake-Up.

It's due to be published by Bleak House Books in the fall, and while I really won't be directly involved in the design of the jacket, I've been having a bit of fun imagining what it might look like if it was based on one of the cemetery photographs I've taken for the interior of the book.

My last cut at the jacket used a photograph from the grave of Rufina Cambaceres. I thought that was appropriate since there's a connection to the story line, which has to do with Argentina, but my wife was concerned that there wasn't enough "menance" in the photo, and Cameron Hughes wrote to say he thought something "more gothic would be better ... a dramatic noir shot of cemetery."

While I'm not sure I really addressed their issues, here for your consideration is my second try:

This is a bit of statuary from Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris, where Susan Sontag, among many other famous writers and artists, is buried. What do you think? Which is better? And if you don't like either, which photo from the Flickr set linked above would be a superior starting point?



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