Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enter the Mongoose

I'm participating in an anthology that will be published in 2009, brought to you by Mongoose Press, who describe themselves as:
a new American publisher of chess books. Our aim is to produce great books that might not be seen elsewhere, drawing on the masters and authors of Eastern Europe.
Huh? How do I fit into that picture?

Well, it turns out that the anthology is a chess fiction anthology and features such heavyweights as Ronan Bennett, Stephen Carter and Katherine Neville, all authors who have produced well-regarded novels featuring chess themes.

My entree? My first novel, The Immortal Game, is about the theft of chess software (as well as bondage & discipline, dominatrices and a few other oddments).

The story I contributed is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche which marks the first time Holmes competes at the chess board. (There are other things Holmes does for the first time in the story, but I won't delve into those now.)

For more information on the anthology and the full line up of authors, check out this posting by anthology editor Howard Goldowsky.


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