Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Picture ...

Death Becomes Me
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Is not only worth a thousand words, but I found it can really make a book trailer.

I've been posting about my use of the Animoto video creation service to put together a series of videos for my August Riordan series, and now I've made it through my back list and am ready to debut the trailer for my forthcoming novel, The Big Wake-Up.

For the most part, the strategy I used for each of the previous trailers was to grab the photographs used to illustrate the books, select what I thought was an appropriate soundtrack and then let the Animoto service do its magic with clever fades, cross-cuts, etc., all set in time to the music.

This tended to work pretty well since the photos (and the few lines of caption allowed by Animoto) were evocative enough in themselves to get across a sort of visual haiku of the story.

The problem I had with The Big Wake-Up is that the book is illustrated with photographs of cemetery statuary. I believe (hope?) they complement and amplify the mood of the text, but they are less documentary than the pictures used in the previous books, and as a result, don't work well in setting a "hook" for the story.

My solution was to look on Flickr for photos that I felt would do a better job of conveying the essence of The Big Wake-Up. Let's just say I found some doozies. I found photos of places in the book I never expected to find--and even more surprising--I found photos of those places taken at night when the action takes place. I found great shots of cemeteries mentioned in the book, I found creepy pictures of bloodstained fingers and hypodermic needles full of vile-looking liquids, but most of all, I found Emily Baehr's photograph of herself lying in a coffin.

I think Emily's shot really makes the video. Watch and see if you don't agree. And be sure to check out the full credits for all the pictures here.


At 12:47 AM, Blogger Picks By Pat said...

Good Trailer. And you're right, Emily's photo draws you in.


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