Saturday, June 20, 2009

Berlin Game

Berlin Wall Watchtower
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I'm in Berlin for work-work, as opposed to "wish I could make my living writing fiction" work.

Since I'm a writer in the PI tradition, I should blog about Philip Kerr and his detective Bernie Gunther as I have in previous posts, but so much of the city was destroyed during WWII that almost none of the reference points mentioned in Kerr's novels are still around.

Instead, I'll give a nod to one of my favorite spy novelists, Len Deighton, and his protagonist from three excellent trilogies (Berlin Game/Mexico Set/London Match, Spy Hook/Spy Line/Spy Sinker and Faith/Hope/Charity), Bernard Samson. I've always felt Deighton was influenced by Raymond Chandler, and in turn, that the character of my protagonist, August Riordan, has been influenced by Deighton's portrayal of Samson.

As a toast to Deighton and Samson, here is a picture I took of one of the last remaining watchtowers from the Berlin Wall. I've converted it to black and white and fuzzed it up a bit with grain to emulate one of those haunting Berlin photos from the 60s.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Daniel F. Le Ray said...

Berlin is a wonderfully noir city, though in a totally different vein to anywhere in the US.

My similar attempts at analogue Berlinoir (and shameless blog-linking):

I've never read any of Philip Kerr - I take it you'd recommend? Oh, and the new book cover is looking awesome. Congrats.


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