Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hemingway / Fitzgerald Epicenter

Le Dingo is the Mecca for Ernest Hemingway / F. Scott Fitzgerald fans. In late April of 1925, Hemingway, 25 years old and not yet a published novelist, met Fitzgerald, 29 and on top of the literary world, in this Paris bar and restaurant.

To add to the magic, Hemingway was drinking with two regulars--one Duff Twysden and one Pat Guthrie--when Fitzgerald approached to praise Hemingway's Nick Adams stories. Twysden was later to serve as the model for the character of Lady Brett Ashley and Guthrie as Mike Campbell in what I regard as Hemingway's best, first novel, The Sun Also Rises.

According to Hemingway's account in A Moveable Feast, the two men drank champagne, and just before passing out, Fitzgerald inquired of Hem, "Tell me, did you and your wife sleep together before you were married?"

To complete the next step along our tour of Hemingway's 1920s Paris, here is a picture of L'Auberge du Venise, the restaurant that now occupies the address of the old Le Dingo.

Le Dingo



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