Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Le Falstaff

Everybody poke your head out of the window of the bus for a glimpse at the next attraction on our tour of Hemingway's 1920s Paris: Le Falstaff.

Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald drank at Le Falstaff, and the sidewalk in front is reputed to be the location where (then) 200-pound Hemingway beat up the 115-pound writer and publisher Robert McAlmon for telling stories about Hemingway, his first wife, Hadley, his son, Bumby, and his second wife, Pauline.

What were the stories? As Hemingway explained to his publisher Max Perkins in a letter, "(1) That Pauline is a lesbian, (2) that I am a homosexual (3) that I used to beat Hadley and as a result of one of those beatings Bumby was born prematurely."

Le Falstaff



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