Saturday, June 06, 2009

No Palm Pre for Me

On today, this launch day for the Palm Pre, I tried to get one--I really did. I went to four places: a Radio Shack, a Best Buy and two Sprint stores. I even waited in line at the Best Buy before it opened (photo courtesy of my wife and my decrepit old Treo) :

The Radio Shack told me they wouldn't have stock until mid-week and all the others told me they were sold out but offered to put me on their waiting lists.

The only conclusion I can reach is that Palm is trying to get even with me for featuring their products in my novel, Vulture Capital. In the book, the protagonist, venture capitalist Ted Valmont, carries a Palm PDA, gets a threatening note written in Palm Graffiti:


and the bad guys program a Palm for nefarious purposes that I can't describe without giving the plot away.

Palm People: come on, don't hold a grudge. My money is as green as the next guy's.


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