Saturday, June 13, 2009

Show Time!

I chronicled the evolution of Owen Smith's cover illustration for my forthcoming novel, The Big Wake-Up in prior posts, but I'm very pleased to present the final oil on board image here:

(I threw on placeholder text for the title and author credit for now--that will get updated when a professional book designer incorporates the illustration into the final jacket design.)

If you are wondering why my protagonist PI, August Riordan, is opening a coffin in a crypt while his sidekick, Chris Duckworth, looks on, you can get some hints from these resources if you're interested:
The book is due to be released in November, but I'm informed by reliable sources that there will be copies available at Bouchercon 2009 in October.



At 11:36 PM, Blogger Sophie Littlefield said...

no *way*! somehow i missed that he was actually doing the cover. but where's the blond? can't have this without the blond, somewhere....

but it's GREAT!!!

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Sophie Littlefield said...

no really, i am an idiot, because you really did explain exactly how this came about. but somehow i wasn't making the connection between, you know, owen, and *owen*. anyway, i love it.

have to say my favorite version is the sketch with the text in yellow. I love that. i saw cornelia's cover recently and it's black and white with her name in gold. I love that so much i'm thinking of having my YA site done in those colors...really bleak and dark with just a tiny bit of gold.

so mark, where have you been keeping yourself, anyway? seems like i haven't seen you in 100 years. we must just be keeping different company these days.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger J. Kingston Pierce said...

Very nice, Mark, though I would prefer that the title/byline be in a more classic typeface. I'm sure Mr. Smith will have some ideas on that matter.


At 12:01 AM, Blogger Mark Coggins said...

Jeff, the Bleak House Book designer talks the ball from here, but I've already seen six options for the title and author credit and the majority would definitely fit your criterion.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Picks By Pat said...

Now that I see it in color, it looks much better!


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