Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Blurb and a Star

Exciting news on two different fronts to do with my upcoming novel, The Big Wake-Up. Edgar-winning "Queen of Noir" Megan Abbott very generously provided the following blurb for the book:
"Mark Coggins' superb new August Riordan novel, The Big Wake Up, is what you hope every PI novel will be—the pace is fast yet sure, the lush and twisty San Francisco setting sharply rendered, the plot is a delicious tangle that takes us through history and into legend. Most of all, Coggins gives a detective at the center who doesn’t know all the answers but whose self-effacing wit and hard-struck honesty draw us in from the very start and never let go."
I'm particularly pleased about this because she's such a darn great writer and because we were only able to give her about two weeks to read the sucker due to scheduling snafus. We've shamelessly excerpted part of the quote for the cover:

The Big Wake-Up: Final Cover!

The other excitement comes in the form of a starred review in this week's issue of Publisher's Weekly:
Coggins's outstanding fifth mystery to feature San Francisco PI August Riordan (after 2007's Runoff) successfully blends an over-the-top premise with an unrelentingly grim plot. Soon after flirting with an attractive young woman in a Laundromat, Riordan watches in horror as an apparently deranged cable car operator guns her and an older woman down at a cable car stop. Riordan pursues the killer and stops his bloody rampage. The Argentine family of the first victim, 23-year-old Araceli Rivero, hires him to investigate an unrelated matter, the location of Araceli's dead aunt, whose body was transferred from a Milan cemetery to somewhere in the Bay Area. After quickly getting a promising lead, Riordan learns that his clients have been less than straight with him—the missing corpse is actually that of Evita Perón. Coggins pulls no punches as the suspenseful action builds to a violent act of vigilantism.
It's not often that you see the phrases "outstanding" and "unrelentingly grim" used in the same review, but there you have it.


At 12:29 AM, Blogger Sophie Littlefield said...

awwww...now you're just showing off!!! Srsly with *that* cover and *that* blurb....game over.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Mark Coggins said...

I wish! Like Charlie Brown, I'm bound to get a few rocks in my trick-or-treat bag.


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