Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tour of La Recoleta

In the run up to publication of my new August Riordan adventure, The Big Wake-Up, I'm going to blog a bit about the historical and cultural underpinnings of the story. Involving as it does a mad hunt in the Bay Area for the remains of Evita Peron, it seems only appropriate to discuss the cemetery in Buenos Aires where most of the rest of the world believes that Evita is buried: La Recoleta.

Here's an excellent short video from a Argentine travel site that talks about the cemetery. It speaks a little to Evita's incredible "afterlife" and also discusses the tragic tale (or myth?) of Rufina Cambaceres, who was supposedly buried alive after she suffered a cataleptic attack while getting ready to attend an opera performance.

I've included a photo of the statue of Rufina from the cemetery as an illustration in The Big Wake-Up, and I'll talk more about it and the other photos in the book later on.


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