Friday, October 30, 2009

Booklist Weighs In

As we spin through the final days before release of my latest novel, The Big Wake-Up, more reviews are starting to crop up.

Here's the word on the book from Booklist. Got to love that last line!
PI August Riordan is back for his fifth outing (following Runoff, 2007). This time the hardboiled, wisecracking San Franciscan finds himself enmeshed in the Evita Perón mythos. Coggins extrapolates that Evita’s body, actually stolen and moved several times, isn’t really in the Argentine tomb claimed by the government as her final resting place. A run-in with a machine-gun-toting cable-car brakeman launches Riordan on a guided tour through the cemeteries of San Francisco, hunting for Evita’s perfectly preserved corpse. Riordan’s deadly cat-and-mouse game involves surviving both the murderous intentions of members of Argentina’s ruling class and the seductive advances of some beautiful Latin American women. First-person narrative, first-class yarn.
--Elliott Swanson


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