Friday, October 09, 2009

Wordle for The Big Wake-Up

What's a Wordle?

Similar to tag cloud, a Wordle is visual depiction of the most common words in a volume of text, as generated by the Wordle website.

The words can come from a blog, a regular website or you can even paste in a hunk of text that you happen to have lying around on your hard disk.

That got me thinking ... what's a hunk of text that I happen to have on my hard drive. Of course, my forthcoming novel, The Big Wake-Up. Here's the Wordle for Wake-Up:

Word Cloud for THE BIG WAKE-UP
(click to see a larger view)

You can see that certain words stand out. For instance, Evita, as in Evita Peron, coffin, as in the coffin she's buried in, and Chris, as in August Riordan's cross-dressing sidekick.

There's also Melina, who is Riordan's love interest in the book, and Isis, who is decidedly not Riordan's love interest in the book. She's a villain on the scale of a John Connolly villain, who is an expert at the ancient techniques of Egyptian mummification.

But the Wordle represents only a small sample of the words in the book--and none of the pictures. Check out the real deal for all the words and pictures at the beginning of November.


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