Monday, November 02, 2009

First Look and a Pick

Due to the vagaries of the publishing business, until 5:45 pm tonight I had not seen my planned-to-be-released-in-November novel, The Big Wake-Up, in the flesh.

I have now!

I left work a little early to get to "M" for Mystery before they closed and was treated with this display (which I captured on my cell phone camera):

We have the hard copy edition of Wake-Up, side by side with my touring partner Michelle Gagnon's book, The Gatekeeper, all positioned above copies of Michael Chabon's latest offering: a collection of essays entitled Manhood for Amateurs.

The display anticipates Michelle's and my event at "M" tomorrow night at 7 pm, followed by Mr. Chabon's the following evening.

I may be biased, but I have to say I was very pleased with the appearance of the finished book. The cover illustration by Owen Smith looks tremendous, the interior photographs of graveyard statuary are not too dark (a common problem) and I liked the copious use of mustard yellow on the dust jacket, even though some in my writers group were concerned about the issue.

And to add to my happiness, I found out earlier today that Jeff Pierce selected it for his pick of the week for January Magazine.

How about them apples?


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