Friday, November 13, 2009

Riordan's Character and a Holiday Shopping Guide

My private eye protagonist August Riordan gets put under the microscope over at Ann Chambers Theis' site Overbooked. Here's an excerpt about his TV-watching habits:
It's not clear that he owns a functioning TV at present. If he does, he probably missed the digital conversion. All that said, he would enjoy Mad Men if he could receive it.
Read the whole profile here. (And check out the profiles for other characters, including Alafair Burke's Ellie Hatcher here.)

For even more background on Riordan, take a gander at his page on Kevin Burton Smith's Thrilling Detective site. And don't miss the banner ad at the bottom of the page for my new novel, The Big Wake-Up, while you're at it.

Speaking of my new book, syndicated columnist Terri Schlichenmeyer provides a holiday shopping guide for book lovers here, and makes The Big Wake-Up one of her two mystery picks.


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