Sunday, December 13, 2009

Writers with Drinks

I was a guest for Charlie Jane Anders' Writers with Drinks at The Make-Out Room in San Francisco last night.

The monthly gathering is kind of variety show for authors. I read part of the first chapter of my new novel, The Big Wake-Up, but was by far the straightest, unhippest, most-white-bread-with-mayo-est of the group.

It was an SRO crowd and all the other guests gave tremendous readings and/or performances. Furthermore, I got to meet and hang out with Dan Fante--who read from his novel 86'd--and Domenic Stansberry (one of my favorite crime novelists), who dropped by for the show.

As you might expect, The "Make-Out" Room is pretty dark, but I managed to capture some grainy no-flash pictures of emcee Charlie and the other guests. Check 'em out below ...

Charlie Jane Anders

Joshua Mohr

Meliza Banales

Dan Fante

Mollena Williams

Seanan Maguire


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