Friday, January 29, 2010

Evita Stories

Here's a kick in the pants--for me, at least. A gentleman with the YouTube user name of "evitastories" and (real) first name Andrew posted the attached video about my new novel The Big Wake-Up and Helen Davis' book Evita: My Life. Both treat Evita Peron's life (or afterlife) in a fictionalized fashion.

Andrew's YouTube bio mentions that he's "a former exchange student to Argentina ... [and] the primary contributor to the Wikipedia article about Eva Perón." He goes on to say that he put together his collection of YouTube videos to "discuss the true history of Eva Perón, as well as the experiences I had while in pursuit of the true story of this legendary woman."

Well, Andrew, thanks for making the video and thanks for writing the Wikipedia article. I referred to the article frequently while writing The Big Wake-Up.


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