Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Masters of Technique

Chess literature publisher Mongoose Press has just released their first fiction anthology: Masters of Technique, edited by Howard Goldowsky. The anthology features short stories with a chess theme from bestselling authors like Stephen L. Carter (The Emperor of Ocean Park) and Katherine Neville (The Eight), literary writers such as Wells Tower and Paul Eggers and even (in spite of what the title suggests) a patzer or two like me.

My story is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche titled The Adventure of the Black Bishop, and to my knowledge, chronicles the first instance of Holmes participating in the "King's Game" in the cannon.

There are other firsts--as the opening paragraph suggests:
Mr. Sherlock Holmes' aversion to women has oft been documented in these little narratives I have produced to illustrate his extraordinary powers of deduction and reasoning. So clearly and uncompromisingly documented, in fact, that as I take up pen and paper in the twilight of my years to describe the single case which proved the exception to this rule of Holmes' psyche, I fear there will be protestations of disbelief among my long suffering readers. Some may even question the authenticity of the account. Yet there can be no doubt—on at least one occasion of which I have personal knowledge, Holmes broke his habit of cold aloofness toward the fairer sex, and engaged in relations with women that more closely corresponded to the common pattern of behavior between men and women the world over.
I should mention that Masters of Technique is a labor of love. All of the stories were contributed by the authors, editor Howard Goldowsky donated his time and all of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to support chess schools and clubs. I hope you'll check it out--even if you aren't the biggest chess fan in the world. While all the stories do have some reference to chess, they span the gamut from historical fiction, to horror, to mystery to more literary offerings.

And while you're on the Mongoose Press website, you might want to check out the autobiography of Women's World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk, Diary of a Chess Queen. Hubba-hubba!


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