Monday, July 26, 2010

Mountain View Cemetery

This Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle has an article about Bay Area cemeteries. They rightly point out that Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland is the jewel in the local necropolis crown, but they fail to point out that (according to my warped view of history) Evita Peron is buried there!

Check out this plot summary for my latest novel, The Big Wake-Up, for a hint about why I claim that might be the case.

"Waiting Angel" at Mountain View Cemetery

Another grave for a famous person buried at Mountain View that the Chronicle didn't mention is the one for the Black Dahlia.

Gravestone for the Black Dahlia

Yes, although Elizabeth Short's gruesome murder took place in LA and inspired many films and novels set there--including James Ellroy's The Black Dahlia--her mother lived in Oakland and had her interred in Mountain View.

(Elizabeth Short gravestone photo by Gregory Wild-Smith. CC 2.0 license.)


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