Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Next?

I've gotten a few questions from readers and friends about what's next for me after the publication of my novel, The Big Wake-Up. Usually the question is phrased more directly: "Are you working on another Riordan?" (Riordan being the name of my private eye protagonist.)

Well, I've got a new protagonist. His name is Coggins.

That's right--I'm working on a memoir of sorts. But rather than coughing up a book-length fur ball about my not-so-exciting life, I'm doing a "greatest hits"--or more accurately, greatest misses--compendium of first person essays a la David Sedaris.

I've tentatively titled it Prom Night and Other Man-Made Disasters and this is a mock cover for the book:

I'm a ways off from completing it, but if you want to get a flavor for the sort of essay I'll be including, check out "Confessions of an Email Forger" on the Huffington Post.

(Photo by Northpolemama. CC 2.0 licensing.)


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