Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ted's Invite

I recently received this invitation via e-mail:
Hi -----, is now a better time to reach out to you in regards to the CIO Summit? You received a request on behalf of our Board due to your key role in the technology field and I'm curious to know if a decision has been made.

The CIO Summit is an invitation-only group comprised of the very best executives and visionaries in technology. We meet monthly by teleconference to exchange what is working, what is not, strategies and ideas. It is a confidential forum with dedicated groups of other successful VPs and key executives whose only agenda is to help each other outperform. Our site is at

I am certain you will find the experience both enjoyable and useful in your efforts. Please take a look and let me know of your decision. Thanks, -----.
Although the e-mail ended up in my in-tray, the individual being invited isn't me. It's a gentleman named Ted: Ted Valmont. If you follow the link to Ted's bio, you'll see he could be lumped in a group that includes the "very best executives and visionaries in technology," being the founder and CEO of VALeDiction, a revolutionary company in the speech recognition space, and all.

Only problem is, Ted is a fictional character from my novel Vulture Capital.

I'm half way tempted to accept the invitation on his behalf--except I'm not nearly as successful or as good looking as him ...


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