Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vulture Capital, the Podcast

As you might have noticed from my earlier posts of mystery author photos, last week I attended the Bouchercon mystery conference in San Francisco.

My favorite panel was one of which I only attended a portion: "Ten Crime Novels You Must Read Before You Die" moderated by the Irish duo of Declan Hughes and John Connolly. As the Women of Mystery blog documents, the first book on their list is The Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett, and the second is The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler.

One of the reasons I so liked the panel is that I happen to think that Key and Long Goodbye are the best efforts of Hammett and Chandler respectively. The other reason is the passionate and articulate case Hughes and Connolly made for their ten selections.

So why am I blabbing about the panel in a post titled "Vulture Capital, the Podcast?" As I've written before, my novel Vulture Capital was intended as a homage to The Glass Key. So much so, that Poltroon Press, the publisher of the first edition, actually embossed the front board of the book with silver key, exactly like the one on the front board of Hammett's novel. You can see it in this photo of the limited edition of the book, along with the special photo that accompanied the volume in a custom-made box:

After that long wind-up, here's the pitch: if you haven't read Vulture Capital, I'm making it available as a free audio book in a series of podcast episodes. Familiarity with The Glass Key isn't necessary to enjoy the book, which deals with a biotech start-up in Silicon Valley.

Read more about the plot here, and select from a range of options to access the (in progress) podcast episodes here.


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